Featured Customer

"We came to the hospital because our vet referred us there. We were very scared about our little girl Abby having a heart murmur but Dr. Arsenault completely took our fears away and we are very excited that our little girl is going to be fine :-) the rooms are very nice, the staff was courteous, and Dr. Arsenault was awesome!"

Elke H.

Naples, FL

Happy Customers

"You all are the reason my Charlie is still living. The genuine care and concern is beyond my wildest expectations. Thank you for all you do for us 24/7."

Tobi M.

Bonita Springs, FL

"the staff at SW Veterinary have always treated my pets as if they were their own."

Greg K.

Ft. Myers, FL

"Thank you for taking the time to get to know my pet and being understanding of my needs as well as the pets owner. Your facility is so welcoming and everyone who walked by me greeted me. You made me feel so welcome. Thank you for going above and beyond!! "

Kelly A.

Bonita Springs, FL

"Quinn is alive and prospering today only through your quick diagnosis, spot-on treatment plan and loving follow-up. She has exceeded the average survival period for a dog with her cardiac condition and is passing the normal pit bull life-span, with no sign of faltering. At this point, if you could equip your staff with red capes I have to believe they could fly. Thank you!"

B. Kelly

Napes, FL

"Dr Mulz not only a great doctor she is an amazing human being. She not only treated dominoes with kindness and great Medical Care. She was there for support when Domino passed away. "

Andrew W.

Cape Coral, FL

"We brought our 12-1/2 year old Boxer there to help him cross over the Rainbow Bridge. He was a wonderful loving pet and we miss him dearly. He was no longer a happy energetic pain free big ole silly boy. They provided gentle and heart felt care in helping us help him. I would recommend this clinic to any of my family or friends."

Nancy G.

Bonita Springs, FL

"Dr Rehling and Aubrey both took the time to calm my anxious dog Jake. Jake especially likes playing with Dr Rehling. And most importantly Jakes heart condition is not progressing as quickly as I feared."

Susan M.

Naples, FL

"I was very impressed with Dr Mulz's clear and explicit explanation of procedures and Ratti's physical findings, as well as treatment and prognosis. "

Sharon D.

Sarasota, FL

"Southwest Florida Veterinary Specialists were very professional, empathetic and very accommodating. They saved my puppies life and while as an emergency (2AM) it was expensive, I did not feel it was outrageous. I couldn't recommend them more!"

Mike H.

Bonita Springs, FL

"We have brought two different dogs to this facility over the past 3 years. Both dogs had very serious conditions - pneumonia and COPD, and an auto-immune disorder crash. The staff here were able to stabilize the dog each time. The charges were very fair. What keeps us coming back here is the personal touch. This office is farther away from us than other emergency and specialty vets but the bedside manner tops all other facilities and this equals quality care, in our opinion."

Heather H.

Ft. Myers, FL

"I came to SW FL veterinary when my cat was quite ill. The diagnosis was right on and treatment he received/receives is outstanding. I am so grateful for this clinic and its staff. "

Sarah W.

Naples, FL

"Diagnosed my dog to reverse a prior misdiagnosis. I'm grateful for that. She called me at home when I was concerned about my pet's behavior. She is extremely knowledgeable and professional.

Leona V.

Cape Coral, FL